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I dont know what to name this title..

05/11/21 - 10:06pm

I don't know where to begin because so much happen in one day.first of all im somewhat better but not fully with the earach so i been in pain. but its been millow right now. So im going to move on to really what happen. For the past few days we had another dog that was giving to my mom for free because supposedly the people who had it had no time with him and he was kept in a cage, and being abused and the only why i knew he was being absued is because i sometimes play ball with the dogs, we get sticks and throw them and my dogs always bite on the sticks cause they don't want me holding it. So this dog we named him "Radar". Well with a little stick he was scared and put his head down and i would tell him its ok baby i wont hurt you im just playing with them all. But i can pretty much see how a dog reacts to things and how scared he was during the time we had him. Well the frist time he came home i notice how he was pooping so much for just a puppy. Well he was fine honestly he was starting to play with the other dogs and getting use to the yard and slowly he was getting use to us. From the time we brought him home well he looked sad in his eyes like he didn't look normal like my other red heelers. Well he ended up in the porch and was breathing less and our lights went out so i was gonna go sit with him and the other dogs. Well he was bleeding from his butt so i told my son to go to his room because i don't want the kids seeing that. Well so i told my mom and shes like i dont want to hear it. We managed to move him to the back because he was still breathing. Well we all came inside and i knew he wasn't going to make it. So sure enough about 30 mins later i told my mom hes gone. :( its so heartbreaking to see him that way. I dugged up the hole for my mom and we both moved him to the hole and i covered him up in the dirt. I don't know if he eat something, maybe he never felt good when he came to our house. im not exactly sure what happen. I don't know if his owners beat him up or what. I don't know maybe he was only going to be here a short time.I don't understand what happen. Only god knows. Im exhausted. We had that and then we had a turnado hit our area and um the lights went off, no water and im like wth man. all in one day. im just ready for bed i hate today. Im glad where all ok. But with me being sick, earache, toothace and uh digging up a hole for the dog, i just can't bare today of all things that happen. I think some days its like really. im so sick and tired of being sick with this earache and the earache makes my gums hurt. i wanna take a shower and go to bed but oh i forgot theres no water. Trees fell down, light poles where in the streets and someones house burned i hope they are ok. Also water washed all our streets out. We have a huge leak which is why the water is off. im just glad the lights are back one.. Anyways im just getting better or trying.. I also am getting allergy shots and i get them once a week. "Cross fingers it works for my ears too...ttysoon

Sinus, Ear infections crazy week

5/07/21 - 6:09pm

Wow where do i start? it started off with a week of me taking care of my mom because her lower back was hurting so i took care of her while she was hurting and then she got his with a sinus infection and sickness.. Then it hit the kids with feeling sick and my sun was fine with the running nose but ended up having a painful earache and we rushed him to the ER and sure enough the doc said it was a really bad earache.. So i been running around taking care of everyone and got myself sick with sinus. ugh. Its been a pain in the ass.. these allergies are like crazy this year and then my daughter went to the doctor yesterday. She got cough meds. So trying to get everyone better so we don't be sleeping all day. I have to go get a allergy shot on Monday and they upd my does for depression and anxeity.. I am exhUSTED.. anyways i hope the allergy shot works and makes me feel good :) talk soon!!

Crazy night. No sleep!

5/02/21 - 12:46am

Removed cutenews. I mean i liked it at one time but i just don't care to much for it. So I now have a chat room, where you can contact me. I will be on as much as possible. Like i will drop down some times that i will be on that way if you are looking for hosting, wanting to become affies or affies can talk on there and that way we all can talk to each other. Anyone can sign up and join..Char
Well I adopted two puppies and bad idea. Cause they wont sleep the whole night and they are not letting anyone sleep. Which sucks cause i have tried everything to get them comfortable. I feed them good, We play with them, i put a stuff animal in there room and they are extermely whining. I guess im not cut out on this and my son comes in and is like mom I understand now that when i was little and i probably cried alot lol. Im like nah you where not like that, plus im like your dad helped me alot lol. plus im like your human lol so its different. But these dogs don't know how to be on there own. they are just crying for nothing. I am trying you know when you feel old you just can't handle them crying so much. I even took them outside and they got to play with the bigger dogs.. ugh im so hungry right now. Im like i can't be holding yall 24/7 i have to get up and do stuff. But thats what they want to do.. is be carried. I didn't even eat that good either. I feel like a crazy mama lol.. I got two doctors coming up. one for the allergies and one to talk to someone about my depression. if you would have asked me to go talk to someone 10 years ago i would of said no. Today honestly with so much depression i mean i talk to my mom but honestly everything I have gone through in my life. I srsly need all the help i can so i can get on better medication then the one i am on because some days i just feel ok but most part i go through it all the time. One day i will talk about it. Right now I have it bottled up on me and i can't take it sometimes. its like when you burp and it goes up like almost like your going to throw up but don't yea depression is like that. i need the help i can since i am able to get the help ya know.. tty soon!!

updateding more tutorials

4/26/21 - 9:25pm

no update!

2 weeks have been crazy busy lately

4/24/21 - 9:30pm

well one week it was just doctors apointments for my dad had been back to back. I didn't really want to talk about what was going on with him because it was something i had in the back of my mind and praying for him. So it still has the "c" but its not enough to say that he needs treatment. This kind of "C" moves around your body so it has attahed it self to another part of his body and can be removed and he will be find. But more test and more things have to be done. i mean im glad its not that serious. Today and yesterday i had to have been very busy running here and there and making food and getting food and getting things for my mom cause she hurt her lower back and can't really move much. So i been watching out for her. Sucks im starting to miss her cooking. I am like when you coming back lol.. shes not one to be laying down all day so i know it hurts really bad.. then the internet was off for a night and the cable guy had to come by and fix it and we need it lol. So everyone was on my butt about it lol I have the thingie in room so i get attack and finally see my kids come out lol.. I been super tired and exhusted and i been wanting to slep but i keep fighting it cause if i go to sleep right now i will be up and thats exactly what i did yesterday i took a mini power nap and i was out. oops and woke up and then couldn't sleep lol. oop. other then i worked on a few things and added more tutorials i have more coming i have quit a few i have to put up still. SO that way you guys can leaRN something new... alright i will talk to you guys later ;)