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Crazy night. No sleep!

5/02/21 - 12:46am

Removed cutenews. I mean i liked it at one time but i just don't care to much for it. So I now have a chat room, where you can contact me. I will be on as much as possible. Like i will drop down some times that i will be on that way if you are looking for hosting, wanting to become affies or affies can talk on there and that way we all can talk to each other. Anyone can sign up and join..Char
Well I adopted two puppies and bad idea. Cause they wont sleep the whole night and they are not letting anyone sleep. Which sucks cause i have tried everything to get them comfortable. I feed them good, We play with them, i put a stuff animal in there room and they are extermely whining. I guess im not cut out on this and my son comes in and is like mom I understand now that when i was little and i probably cried alot lol. Im like nah you where not like that, plus im like your dad helped me alot lol. plus im like your human lol so its different. But these dogs don't know how to be on there own. they are just crying for nothing. I am trying you know when you feel old you just can't handle them crying so much. I even took them outside and they got to play with the bigger dogs.. ugh im so hungry right now. Im like i can't be holding yall 24/7 i have to get up and do stuff. But thats what they want to do.. is be carried. I didn't even eat that good either. I feel like a crazy mama lol.. I got two doctors coming up. one for the allergies and one to talk to someone about my depression. if you would have asked me to go talk to someone 10 years ago i would of said no. Today honestly with so much depression i mean i talk to my mom but honestly everything I have gone through in my life. I srsly need all the help i can so i can get on better medication then the one i am on because some days i just feel ok but most part i go through it all the time. One day i will talk about it. Right now I have it bottled up on me and i can't take it sometimes. its like when you burp and it goes up like almost like your going to throw up but don't yea depression is like that. i need the help i can since i am able to get the help ya know.. tty soon!!

updateding more tutorials

4/26/21 - 9:25pm

no update!

2 weeks have been crazy busy lately

4/24/21 - 9:30pm

well one week it was just doctors apointments for my dad had been back to back. I didn't really want to talk about what was going on with him because it was something i had in the back of my mind and praying for him. So it still has the "c" but its not enough to say that he needs treatment. This kind of "C" moves around your body so it has attahed it self to another part of his body and can be removed and he will be find. But more test and more things have to be done. i mean im glad its not that serious. Today and yesterday i had to have been very busy running here and there and making food and getting food and getting things for my mom cause she hurt her lower back and can't really move much. So i been watching out for her. Sucks im starting to miss her cooking. I am like when you coming back lol.. shes not one to be laying down all day so i know it hurts really bad.. then the internet was off for a night and the cable guy had to come by and fix it and we need it lol. So everyone was on my butt about it lol I have the thingie in room so i get attack and finally see my kids come out lol.. I been super tired and exhusted and i been wanting to slep but i keep fighting it cause if i go to sleep right now i will be up and thats exactly what i did yesterday i took a mini power nap and i was out. oops and woke up and then couldn't sleep lol. oop. other then i worked on a few things and added more tutorials i have more coming i have quit a few i have to put up still. SO that way you guys can leaRN something new... alright i will talk to you guys later ;)

Whats new?

4/13/21 - 8:56pm

Hello there, How is everyone doing today? I will be working on a new layout soon. I just been super tired and on Sunday we left at 4am to san antonio Texas to get away for one day and enjoy having fun and ignore of what is going on at the moment. So we took the kids to the wax mesume and we took alot of fun pictures and just had fun. Saw donald trump he had more hair then he has in real life lol. But it was blast. Then today i had a doctors apointment and that went well. I got refills on my pills and then she checked out the rash i have on my belly and she couldn't really tell me exactly on what it was lol. My son is like well she has a phd and she should know lol. Kids. I am just so beat up and so Exhuasted Just want to sleep and rest. My feet hurt still but it was a good walk. I just wanted to let you know that i am trying to figure out what else to add to my website. But at the moment i am also thinking of what to add next on the layout. But for now i know i have a bunch of websites to work on more stuff and im just so freaking tired.. Forgive me i will for sure get things done. Todday wont be today though.. talk soon!!

Hello i am a live..haha :P

4/08/21 - 8:46pm

How are you guys doing today? hope its great. Went to go see a ear, throat and nose doctor about a week ago and it was really neat to see someone different. But they checked my ears and gave me drops that i have to put like every other ear. So like monday i had to put 10 drops on the right ear and the next day put 10 drops on the left ear and then the next day do the other ear. I had to read the paper to compare hand on what exactly it met. I got on top of doctors apointments and etc and going to go to talk to someone about my mental health as well. Hope they can help me put me on something that will help me because i dont think the depression pills really help me sometimes i feel like it don't help but maybe cause they need to up the dose or something. Or try me on something else. What ever they think is best for me ya know. just trying to help my self and better myself. Sometimes i don't feel like doing nothing because of the way i feel. I been sleepying alot lately but i think its because my ear hurts so much. My system is probably just don't feel to good. I mean i go to sleep super early and then i wake up im ok but i am still sleepy and i dunno its probably just everything im on. Keep my dad in your prayers. He gots two doctors apointments tomorrow so i know him and my mom are going to be super tired. well i will talk to you guys later. I have to go update my calender..ttysoon!!

Happy Easter To all you guys

April 4th - 9:33pm

I was going to do some pages but i am just so tired right now. My ears hurt the whole night the pain was hard to get rid of i still fell a sleep and Tomorrow i have to go see the doctor.
So My uncle doesn't have no cancer and is reposding but can't fully talk since he has a tube down his throat. but im glad he is going to be ok. On the other hand my dad has "Cancer" but we don't know exactly where its at. So he is going to have to do chemo and they said they caught in time and that it is cureable. Its just scary when you hear that your love ones have it. But im going to keep my faith that he will get through it. Anyways i went ahead and set up the cbox page and then i put some stuff in the "You" and then The links for the tuts are up as well. Plan to add more stuff. If i feel up to it i will add more stuff. If not i will do it tomorrow! talk to you soon!!

What a scare this week and Got a VPS!

April 02,21 - 1:35am

Wow where do i start. Lets start off with My uncle. Well my mom had called him and he was sluring his words and you really couldn't understand what he was saying. I notice how my parents where worried for my uncle to see what was wrong with him. My mom told him he should go to the doctor and i said no he needs to go to the hospital because that don't sound right. So my mom let him go because he couldn't talk. So about a couple of hours ago i think my aunt in Florida told my mom that he was in a accedent and that he hit something and landed him self in the hospital. Well they found out he has a mass in his intestine. So They had him under alot of medication and he had a couple surgerys. Its kind of scary when you think about it because he don't eat right at all. So now they are saying he has cancer.. Say a prayer for him. We don't know where he is going to go yet so someone can take care of him. So thats something where all thinking about. It's so devesting to hear and then i can see the stress in my parents so i stress too..
What else is new? well i finally caved in and got my own vps. I was so tired of so many years paying for things that i no longer wanted to be hosted with some one else who had no idea what they where doing. The guy that i payed helped me so much trying to get this domain up! 100 stars for him.its getting late so im gonna head to bed.. none of the links work cause um i am moving stuff around right now...Should be back up and running tomorrow afternoon!!

it was cold in Texas!!

3/18/21 - 11:28pm - Mood: Tired

hey whats up? well it was super cold outside this morning and ofcourse i had to wear jeans. If your like me i hate jeans just cause they just never feel right for the body type i have. But i had my Sweater on and felt bloated ugh. also we hit up the Mall today and it's been a while since i stepped inside a huge mall. I use to go to these all the time just now i don't really go. But my kids and i really love "Hot topic" so got some stuff in there and my daughter got a bunch of stuff. My son suprising he didn't want anything which kind of made me sad cause he said he didn't want anything. Im like ok. I tried to show him some clothes and he just turned his head so maybe he was just hungry lol. Then of course i had to step into Victoria Secret and my son went in there with me lol. My moms like did you get some panties to lol. joking. He is just my little shadow so he goes in with me into places when i want to shop lol. Anyways it was a good day even though i was hot and cold today i guess it was just menopause lol i dunno im just saying..im doing good im just super cold so im going to have to go lay down and get ready for bed. But i also wanted to mention that yesterday i added tons of stuff to the website so please check out the new contact and i will add more stuff in a couple of days i just want to add all the opening spaces and add more stuff.as much as possiable.. But another day not today lol.. its chily. So if i havent got to you guys in the cbox im sorry when i have a whole day to be on here like on the weekend i will try and hit you guys up!! ttysoon!!

Smashed My Thumb today

Date:3/16/21 - Time:12:am - Mood: Happy

Well I woke up and got dressed and put on some makeup on and Guess what i was playing with the dogs and well as i was about to do something not exactly sure what i was doing but i closed the door and not realize what i did until I freaked out cause i couldn't move my figure and realized that my thumb got smashed and i didn't slam the door which was good. But OMG the pain was so bad. I don't Normally cry but my tears came out and then it was throbbing. I am ok but OMg the pain it hurt so much! If i wanted to get my nails done i guess this isn't the right time to do it since it looks bad. I can move it so its not broken which is good.. Ugh i guess it could be worse huh..
Got a call with my blood results and everything came back normal. Im not a diabetic but my Cholesterol is high so i need to be on a diet and Excersize. I am just glad i am not a diabetic. It runs on my dad's side of the family and my brothers are both diabetic and im honestly trying my hardest not to get down to that level right now. d0 not want to live that way because i know exactly how it is. anyways I went and got a new 3 or 4 month old little dog yesterday afternoon and today i went and got her a bowl, collar and some chew bones for her and shes so happy. But the kids named her "stiches" shes so cute she is pretty smart and shes a blue heeler mixed with border collie. I'll have to upload some pictures in a couple of days. Well i will be getting ready to go lay down and sleep.. Goodnight!!
What do you think of the new layout? I really love this one!! ttysoon

Did i update?

3/14/21 - 9:14pm

Yo what is up? so the blood test was taken on Thursday and Thank god i didn't get sick but my arm hurt so i guess it wasn't to bad. I havent got the results back and then not this week but next is the papsmear. Which i really hate but i gotta take care of myself. How ever my period is in like 12 days and i am really feeling it tbh. So hopefully its not the day of my papsmear cause ill have to change the date. so anyways I finally did an update i put up a new css gardiant tutorial and I organized the credits page. Today i got to try the dragon fruit from starbucks, It was ok it wasn't sweet at first and didn't care to much for it so i gave it to my dad lol... He drinked it. But i would rather have a coffee to be honest. I just been really trying to teach myself different ways to code like i know im not an expert but i really love love making layouts more then working on the website it self lol.. anyways gonna see if i want to work on anything else and then gonna shower and head to bed. ttyl ;)

Doctor, internet, Earache

3/10/21 10:10pm

Hey whats up? Well so much has been going on. Well my ear pain is still in pain but it hurts like in the morning and then like other times im ok so my doctor said that I need to go see a Ear doctor so i have to call tomorrow to make an apointment for that. I have to wake up super early to do Blood work, I wanna get that done asap. That way that gets taken care of. Even though i did one in Dec in my last doctor but whatever i just hope it doesn't make me sick like last time. Oh and i have to do a Papsmear. i really hate doing those because i just don't feel comforatable but i mean who does right? but i guess it needs to be done. It's good to just check and make sure everything is ok!.. Well we got that out of the way. What else well my internet has been a pain in the ass all week and couldn't really get stuff done because of it. or be able to catch up on any movies. Which really sucks. But seems to work and i hope it stays that way for a while...
So guys my dad has to go see the doctor on Friday. Please keep him in your prayers. First they said that he had alot of white cells and now he is fine but they are gonna do a bone marrow and a cat scan. Im going to claim he doesn't have cancer. he has night sweats and inflamtion somewhere. It's good to check to make sure he don't have it. but i am thinking that it could be his medication. I am stressing about it, and sort of depressed but I know there is a higher person who has the last word. I just pray to god he doesn't.. My dad is my everything. The sweetest man you would ever meet. He always brings my mom, me and my daughter flowers for valentines day. He don't have to but he does. He always buys us stuff lol. I never ask him but he always tells me to get whatever lol. I help out a whole lot around the house like if he needs help with the fence or something im out there helping him as much as i can. So it would super hard. My kids love him so much. but anyways im going to leave it up to god. I know its all in gods hands. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers and thank you!! ttysoon!!

Getting Better, But other issues

3/2/21 - 9:07pm -

Hey girly's how are you all doing today? I am getting better with the ear. But now my IBS is acting up. Ugh i hate having to deal with this issue. I cleaned up the room and made smoothies earlier and now i finally sat here and to blog. So My son has to get a EEG done every year because he has Epilepsy and well this year i have to pay $4500 and they knoced out $1000 so he can have it done. Im a single mom with no income and little do i get is from child support. I don't expect anyone to pay that bill but medicade should be picking it up. Wrong since my son has his dad's insurance and from me is medicade well the Neurology is only taking my ex's insurance and they wont take medicade. They wont charge the two and you see hopefully i explained this right but since my ex has our son on his main one they wont take both insurance. So to make things hard they said that his insurance is not paying that bill so whatever he or his job changed it has to come out of our pockets. There has to be other ways to get something else or go another way. But the doctor called me and just stressed me out and told me that it needs to be done. which i understand but like where do u get $3500 from? maybe sale a kidney? lol i mean srsly we are all hurting with this pandemic. So i got that on my chest i am just gonna have to pray about it and let go and let god. The doctor called today and im like sorry but i can't do it. like i know they can figure out what to do. i will have to look someone up tomorrow. Hopefully i feel ok to call around and find out what else we can do for that..
Oh i guess goverment abbot has decided that the "mask" thing you don't have to wear one anymore. But and thats a big BUT like how can you determin that this whole covid 19 is gone? is it safe? i don't know and is it a good idea? uh no cause i mean that would mean that people are going to get sick and more people are going to die from it. i mean how can we ever be safe? those are the questions i ask myself. I think just to be on the safe side i am going to keep wearing mine even though sometimes i can't breath in it. Cause like 2 years ago my dad had a heartattack and i don't want him to be sick at all and my mom i dont want her to get sick either. We will keep on wearing ours and if i need to breath i will pull it off..
what else has been going on? i been getting extermely bad headaches for no reason. I guess when i go back to the doctor on the 10th i will tell them about it cause i don't understand why i get them. other then that i also been having trouble with this hosting. so if sometimes u see the site down its on their end. When i changed layouts sometimes it changes and sometimes it don't. Sorry about that.. anyways im going to stop blogging lol. its getting long but i really needed to blog. it feels good to just type this all out cause sometimes i don't really talk to anyone but maybe my bestie and my mom.. sometimes. anyways thank ya for reading!!