Hey whats up? Welcome to my Site. There is tons of stuff for you to use and Always remember to give me Credit. This is Also my Blog where I can talk about life, depression, IBS, Tremors and Anxiety, Nerves and mental help. No one is perfect as i struggle with life and dealing with things that I wish no one had. But here I am trying to be Strong. I Struggle But i am me..

The Add

My Name is Karmen I am 39 years old. I am Human Bet you didn't know that lol. This is my Cornor this is my spot Where i can be the Real Me. I love all things "pug" Related. I post pictures because i love taking pictures. But also love to webdesign if you hadn't notice that. I can Code in away where you will be puzzled because you wont know that kind of language I am speaking. I have learned on my own, I love to design. School for website? Uh no I learned this because i wanted to learn. I know i can make a Career out of this. But this is who i am. I am kind, Sweet and Sarcastic. I am quiet and shy, But when the time comes i can be loud and be out spoken. 15 years of webdesigning. Come say hi or don't i really dont care!!..



Time: 3pm
Place: My room =}
Feeling: Bored
Wearing: Tshirt & Shorts
Weather: Super Hot
Temperture: 90s
Eating: noting.
Drinking: Tea
Loving: myself
hate: nothing
Music: nothing
Playing: nothing
Watching: Youtube/Jstar
Texting: No one.
Messaging no one.
Thinking: Hungry

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