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signs you’re addicted to the internet

These were written by me! And yes, some of them have happened before.
1 You go to the microwave and clearly remember what you press to heat up rice: < img src= . LOL
2 You see websites in the windows of people’s houses.
3 You look for a ‘back’ sign to get your car out of the garage.
4 You know the HTML code they used for the nutrition information on your cereal box.
5 You think the television guide looks better in php.
6 You hate the broadsheet newspaper being way too big for your resolution.
7 You write < head > before you write the title of your English essay.
8 You know that your PIN is the hexadecimal code for the colour gainsboro.
9 You wonder why your diary looks so messy. Are you using IE instead of Firefox?
10 You give people your website address when they ask where you live.
11 Thanks to Twitter, you type @Mom when sending a text message to your mom.
12 You think the font Giddyup used in a magazine for a paragraph of text is tacky and should be changed.
13 You start blogging every chat you have on your instant messenger on Tumblr.
14 When you walk into a shop and hear a song you don’t like, you wonder where the stop button is.
15 You look for the person’s channel who posted the video when you watch your favourite television show.
16 You tell your friend you need to borrow their internet to go on Twitter when you go to their house.
17 You curse your terrible internet connection for your CD burning too slowly.
18 You suddenly remember your farm on Farmville while you’re at school/work.
19 You stay up late to browse random sites.
20 You go nocturnal just so you can talk to your friends on the other side of the world.
21 You find yourself reblogging your own posts on Tumblr.
22 You leave your computer on overnight so that your friends on the other side of the world can wake you up with a nudge on MSN, or a tweet on Tweetdeck.
23 When you turn your laptop on in a place away from home, the first thing you do is check for wireless.
24 You open all your favourite blogs at university before you have to go, just so you can read them on the train.
25 When you’re catching up on sleep, you wonder if someone just left you a comment.
26 You wonder if the librarian is on Twitter whilst you’re asking him/her for assistance.
27 After taking a photo with your digital camera, you look for the email button.
28 You go to a restaurant and enjoy the food. On the way out, you ask for their Twitter username.
29 When someone in the street asks you for directions, you say “Google it”.
30 You don’t remember what your desktop looks like anymore.
31 When you are reading an article in the newspaper, you have the urge to press Ctrl+F.
32 When you put a quote in a box on Microsoft Word using borders, you start looking for the “padding” option.
33 You start using the term “paste” instead of “tape” or “glue”.
34 When you’re too lazy to look for something in your room, you ask your friend on MSN or AIM if they have what you’re looking for.
35 For anything standard or ordinary, you start calling them “defaults”…
36. You start dreaming about things happening on the internet.