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1. I used to use them.
Meaning that the old me, who was quite idiotic, gives me reason to understand that I have progressed from idiocy. Therefore, I feel inclined to hate them because the idiotic aforementioned predecessor used them.
2. They trap crap in a box.
I, for many reasons, do not like being trapped in a box. I am not a birthday present. I am not a newly packaged saucepan. I am not a puppy to be sold. Please do not trap me in a box.
If you trap me in a box, it means I cannot get out. If I cannot get out, it means that you have just inflicted stupidity on me by trapping me in a box in the first place.
And I do not appreciate clicking a link and having it open in a godforsaken iframe. I want to see the website without it being trapped in a stupid box.
3. They don’t allow you to bookmark things.
Excuse me, but if I genuinely like something, don’t I have the right to link to it? Damnit, if you have iframes and have a good tutorial I want to link to… I can’t do it without giving instructions like “visit this site, click on the link at the side, scroll down, click this”. That would make me sound like an idiot.
Your visitors will not want to sound like idiots, therefore they would end up not linking to you at all, even if they thought you rocked, because you were just that selfish to trap them in an iframe.
4. Scrollbars.
They’re ugly. But hang on a minute…
Are you idiotic? Like, seriously idiotic? You have to make your iframe so tall in order to prevent a stupid scrollbar. And because your iframe is too ridiculously tall, my browser locks up and freezes. All because of your stupid iframe. And I lose every window I had open. (Unless I’m using Firefox, as it usually restores my windows.)
But what happens when I get to a massive content page? I scroll down, down, down. I find a nice link to click at the bottom of your page, and what? The page goes bloody blank because I have to scroll all the way up because the page is shorter than the one I just looked at. Cough.
5. Because Google said so.
Google hates iframes. It likes looking at webpages and indexing the content. Looking at what you have, helping you gain more hits with whatever keywords you have.
But if you’re in an iframe, Google doesn’t like it. It won’t look at it as part of your site, and will recognise that your framed page doesn’t have much content at all – turning away potential visitors. I wouldn’t like that. Gah.
6. The crap in the boxes mean nothing.
Yes. If someone happened to come across a page of your site (one of the things you trap in the iframes), they would see it without your layout and whatnot. They won’t see the rest of your website. How will they know there’s more? Your browser is not smart enough to know that you can find the homepage from the URL – so don’t assume anything!
7. There’s always a better way.
You can’t just stick on to these stupid boxes. There are better ways of organising your content, and making layout changes easier. Have you heard of PHP or server side includes?