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effective commenting on websites

Blog Comments
Blogging is the way most webmasters communicate with their visitors, and more often than not, there is a way of commenting on the blogs posted. Note: on mind you cant..
When commenting on a blog, you are communicating to the webmaster. In doing this, you should treat them with the same respect you would anybody in person.
For example, if you walk into a shop and the shopkeeper greets you, you would greet them back.
Keep it related
When you leave a comment, try to keep it related to the blog. There is nothing more annoying than writing a blog about how you cooked a scrumptious lasagne, only to receive a comment saying something totally unrelated.
Isn’t it annoying when you receive something like:
‘Nice site, visit mine! [URL HERE]‘
‘I really like your layout, it’s so awesome!’
‘Nice site, wanna be affiliates?’
Not only are these comments ineffective – they can also be considered as very rude. The webmaster has gone out of their way to write a blog entry and they get a comment from someone who gives the impression that they didn’t read it?
Brainstorming what to say
So you don’t know how to comment, or they’ve written about something you don’t know how to respond to? The answer’s simple – don’t comment. It sure beats writing a stupid ‘dropped by!’
Have they written about something personal like the passing away of a relative? These kinds of blogs are hard to comment on. Like what does the blogger expect you to say? The best thing is to show some empathy – if you really must say something. Otherwise, don’t comment.
Make sure you know what to say and you communicate it clearly. Are you responding to a comment they left on your site, or commenting on their blog? If it’s the latter, you’ll have to learn how to leave an effective comment.
The importance of good commenting
Ask yourself why you’re commenting. You want the owner to comment back, right, maybe visit your site and see what you’ve got? Or maybe their blog genuinely interested you and you have something to say? Is it because they return comments or plug their visitors and you think it’ll help you get hits?
Whatever the reason, comment on a blog on which you can comment effectively and appropriately. It’s much more meaningful and thoughtful to share similar thoughts than different ones.
Also, you want to give the owner of the site a good impression. So to ensure you leave a good comment, respond to something in their blog.
For instance, if they said:
Argh, I really should get some tutorials done soon, but I’m so busy with homework!

Then it would be meaningful to respond a bit like this:
Aww, that sucks! It’s so annoying how homework gets in the way! I hope you can get some time to write more tutorials, because I’d love to see them!

You know you would love to receive comments that show that visitors care about you, not just dropping by to make you visit their site.
If there’s a problem for you that the blog is too long, and you’re in a massive hurry – you know you can always come back later to read, or just say whatever you want to say (which is often not the best option because you’ll tend to write an ineffective comment).
The simple thing you can do is read part of the blog, if you’re really in that much of a rush – and mention that in your comment.
Guestbook Comments
Guestbook comments work the same way – you should still leave a meaningful comment. It’s a relief there’s no blog to comment on, so you’re obviously leaving a comment about the site.
No – none of this ‘Nice site, visit mine’ crap. Leave a genuine comment. Do you like their layout? Have their resources been useful to you? Do you like their free layouts and did you use one?
All these things are things you can comment on, and you should do them without trying to advertise your site. Leaving a genuine comment will flatter the owner and make them more likely to return your comment. Returning Comments
It is always polite to return the favour when you receive a comment, simply by commenting back.
A lot of the time you may be busy and might not have time to return a comment. That’s alright, but leaving it for days on end? As soon as you notice you’ve received a comment, you should make an attempt to return it straight away – otherwise all the comments will bulid up, you know?
Even if you only return two comments out of five or so – at least you’re returning some. Surely, even if you have received 20 comments overnight, you have ten minutes to return about three of them?
It’s only out of politeness that you return a comment – if you don’t want to you don’t have to. But remember that whenever you’re commenting, you should leave a meaningful and effective comment. It’s the best way to make friends online – or get hits, of course, or more visitors.