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Layout Tips and ideas

Keep things original. Try not to use celebrity images..
Easy on the eyes
Don’t use colours that are too blinding or bright. Avoid neon colours.
If you happen to use bright colours, really balance it with some black. Similarly, if you have a cluttered header image, keep the background a really subtle solid colour.
Where possible, center your layouts. It looks a lot better than a big space to the right (or left) of your screen. Try this tutorial.
Size does matter
Don’t have a huge layout. No one likes to see a layout that takes up half, or all of, their screen. Also, scrollbars can appear which don’t look very appealing. Your layout can also take even longer to load. And keep your text size a comfortable size – not so tiny.
Take a photo
That’s right – just grab a camera and take a photo – of the sky, the trees, the birds, or scan an old one. Chances are it’ll be unique and great. Shaking the camera while shooting can give a nice effect with lights.
Make it Personal
Most people won’t really fancy this, but use photos of you and your friends in a nice collage or as polaroids. Precious memories!
All about the colour
If you’ve got a great colour scheme, just use it to make a simple layout with your site name in a decorative font as your header. Simple!
You’re the artist
It’s hardly thought of, but grab some paint/pencils and make a work of art! Photograph it or scan it when you’re done and use it on your layout.
Eraser magic
This is just a little thing I like doing on PhotoShop. Have two layers – one with a nice photo and one on top that’s a solid colour. Use the eraser but pick the shape of a splattered brush and erase part of the colour to reveal part of the photo underneath.