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PHP Includes

If you are thinking about converting your site to PHP you might want to start out with the includes. Includes basically break down a page it also saves alot of time. When changing anything; you will only need to change 2 files. You also should remember to change all your extensions to PHP first!
First: You should know what a basic HTML page looks like. Here is an example:

Second: Now that you know that ^ you have to make a 'header.php' just copy and paste the following code:

Third: After you saved the above you must make a 'footer.php' to do that save this code and paste it into your footer.php

Now upload both header.php and footer.php to your site. Now when you make a new page you have to paste in this code:

What now? Well basically now you can add anything you want to your header.php and it will show up on all your pages : ) Therefore you don't have to edit all your pages to put in a code/script, you just simply edit your header.php!