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Step 1 & 2

Step 1: Signing up for your Website

There are many sites on the Internet that will allow you to make a wbesite with them for free. These are often called ‘pagebuilders’ or ‘free hosting’ websites. How do the companies make money? They put up their own banner advertisements and pop-ups on your page, and when your visitors click them the companies earn money. This can get annoying, but is worthwhile putting up with if you don’t want to spend any money and you’re a beginner.

For this tutorial set, I’ve chosen a free host called Freewebs. If you don’t like it or for whatever reason can’t use it, then feel free to use a different online site editor. The principle is basically the same, you just need to be aware that the layout will probably be different. Freewebs is free, doesn’t have many adverts, and has a good amount of space and bandwidth to begin with.

1. Go to freewebs.com and under JOIN US in the menu to the left, click New Accounts and then fill out the form to join. Don’t choose Beginner when you sign up.

Once you have your username and password and your account is active, log in at the top right of the page. Now click Site Manager in the menu on the left.

2. The first thing to remember is that you should keep your site organised. If you can find your files and images easily, then you can keep track of things a lot better and your site manager doesn’t become cluttered. So, we’re going to make folders. You can call your folders any names you like, but make sure they’re brief and simple, yet descriptive. If you’re making a personal site, it might help to name them according to the sections your site is divided into.

3. To make your folder, click the Add a folder link. A small pop up window should appear; type the name of the folder in the first box (e.g. You) and press Submit. Repeat until you have all the folders you need. Now you know how to do it, you can create more if you need them any time you want. If you no longer need a folder or for some reason want to delete one, simply click the red X on the file manager screen to delete.

You might also want to create folders within folders (also called nesting); for example you might want a folder called Photos within your Me folder. It’s exactly the same as creating a normal folder, just make sure you select which Directory (e.g. Me) you want it to go in when you create it.