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CSS: External Stylesheet

Having an external stylesheet is a lot better than having CSS embedded into your page, for several reasons:
1.Your page can load faster
2.You can edit all your pages easier
3.Saves time and space!
So what does having an external stylesheet mean? It means that all your CSS is placed in a separate file, that is apart from your HTML coding. Then a code is put into your HTML document to link to the stylesheet.
Your CSS should look roughly like this:

1. Copy everything between < style type="text/css" > and < /style >.
2. Paste into a Notepad document.
3. Go to File > Save As and save the file as “css.css” (with the quotes). This will save the file with a .css extension, identifying it as a cascading style sheet. Of course, you can have anything.css as the name.
4. Remove the original CSS from your HTML document, and place this in your section:

If you named your file something else, change it accordingly.
5. That code will call on the CSS file. Paste it in every page you want to apply the CSS to. Don’t forget to put it in the < head > section.
6. Upload everything to your server after editing. Now all you have to do to edit your CSS is to edit that file!
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