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Custom 404 Error Page

What is a 404 Error page and why should I want to create a custom one? A 404 error page is the page that you get when a page is not found. Usually it says something like "This page cannot be found. This error was most likely caused by blah blah blah..." This is not a very welcoming message for visitors, and may cause potential visitors to leave. If you have your own domain name, you can set up your own custom 404 Error page. Why? Because you can make you can make the page seem more friendly to visitors who may have left if they got the regular old page. You can also use it as a tool to fix broken links.
Know that there are two steps to setting up a 404 Error page:
1) Creating the page.
2) Installing that page!
The actual page itself is a normal html document just like every other page of your site. You can do anything you want with it, but here are some ideas for creating a good 404 Error page:
Have its style match that of the rest of your site. Do not put "error" on the page. It's not exactly a word a visitor likes to see when exploring a site.
Put a link back to your site.
Include a search box so that the visitor might find what they were looking for in the case of a moved page.
Next, create a new Notepad document and put this code into it:

This is assuming, of course, that you named the page 404error, and that it was loaded onto the main directry of your site. Just make sure that whatever page you want to have as the Error page is linked there. Also, make sure there are two spaces between 404, and that the E and D are capitalized! When you're done, name the page .htaccess and upload it onto the main directory of your site.
And that's it! 404 Error pages are very useful,as they may help you to keep visitors, and really easy to set up!
Hope this has help you and if it did. Please Link back!!