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using divs

The main reason i use divs is to separate my pages & navigation into their own boxes, see below for an example =]

Feel free to change the colours and styles =]
Now all you have to do is place the divs where you want them using the small and simple code below:

part of the code starts the div and the
ends the div, it's very important to always end the div.
If you're still unsure of where to place the divs then the example below should explain all =]

Got it now? Easy huh? =b if you ever want to go back to 1 long column for your navigation open your CSS and edit the "margin-bottom: 15px;" of the "div.content" section. If you change it to "margin-bottom: 0px;" it'll merge all the divs together instead of having them in separate boxes. You've probably worked out that the higher the number you add to "margin-bottom:" the bigger the gap =]
If this tutorial helped you please link back..