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Terms of Servies

Your site must be updated regularly
Your site must be up within 2 weeks
Nothing illegal will be on your, weather public or private, your files will be checked.
Nothing Racial, Discriminatory on your site!
If you are on hiatus or leaving, please notify me.
Your site must be in english.
You must have html/css knowledge.
You must not steal anything from other sites.
You must have good graphic knowledge.
If you win, Note its only for one year of hosting plus Free domain.
Should you choose to leave, You have to pay small fee to move the domain to be pushed to you. Don't waste my time. If your gonna be hosted here use the space and if your not then do not enter..
I will be holding a competition. This is your chance to win one years free hosting + domain with She is loved Hosting. What you will get:
Winner Package (20mb Space and 40gb of Data Transfer/Bandwidth)
Unlimited emails, ftp, sql databases
Unlimited subdomains
Free domain for one year .xyz
Please note this competition is only available to subdomains. This is only for one year and if you wish to continue to a second year with SILH normal charges apply.
This competition will close May 1st.


In order to be eligible you must place the following button which links to this post on your site updates page (not your in your posts, not in the welcome page) for the duration of the competition.
Is the button already on the website:
Why should you win:

This is not a referring competition or a voting competition. All sites will be judged by random..
There must be 5 to 10 or more enteries before we start the contest so tell your friends, tell your enemeys and your family that are into web design..

You must have the button on your website before you apply.