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Who is She?

My Name is Karmen And I am 39 years old and have been webdesigning for 14 Years Now. I had stop due to Life catching up on me. Being a Mother to My Amazing kids who are my world these days. Raising them and just taking care of them the best I can.
Who Remembers My old site unique-angel.com? That was My Very old website. I miss it so much. It was Life back then it was an old doll side and then i didnt know what to do with it anymore. I guess i was just to busy with kids and life to remember to pay it and keep going with it. I decided since i had nothing better to do lol. joking that i would come on here and blog. I needed to blog more to talk about my depression and just life while also helping those who want to learn to webdesign and a few goodies to add to your website. So im just trying to get my website back up!


hearts,Pugs,Pigs,Hippos, art, Drawing, Makeup, eyeshadow, coding, webdesign, Music, Baking, swimming, being unique, smiling, laughing, singing, outdoors, fishing, camping, exploring new places, yard selling, garage sales, thrifting, goodwill, helping people, church, shopping, ebaying, amazon, Moives sitting outside. playing ball with my dogs,Penut butter cookies, Smoothies, The Beach, Getting 2 know new people, Learning other languages, and culters, cooking, building, being sweet, taking pictures, talking to my bestie, learning new things and more.


Spiders, abusers, racist, rude people, unkind, depression, anixity, cancer, covid 19,dirt, Haters, mean people, jealouesly, cursewords, Being sick, roaches, snakes, creepy crawlers, squishy animails.

How Many Animails?

1 cat, 4 dogs

Place I've Lived

Texas, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, Florida

Where Can you find me on a normal day?

probably outside, in my room watching tv or you can find me on my iphone or on my nintendo playing Animail crossing new Horizon.